Valdosta Daily Times

May 15, 2013

SFCU donates vans to charity

Stuart Taylor
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — There are a lot of expenses that go into running a successful non-profit — some obvious, some not so obvious. And if you're LAMP (Lowndes Associated Ministries to People) or LARC (Lowndes Advocacy Resource Center), one of those expenses is transportation.

On Tuesday, Southeastern Federal Credit Union stepped up to help out LAMP and LARC with their transportation expenses, donating a van to each

organization, along with $500 each to help cover the operating expenses of the vans for a year.

“All credit unions share the motto 'People helping people,'” said Darryl Wood, Interim President and CEO of SFCU. “In our business, we do two things: we serve our members and we serve the community.”

After SFCU purchased two new corporate vehicles late last year, they had to decide what to do with the ones they had been using.

“They were still in great shape and we donate them to non-profits,” said Lori Cauley, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for SFCU. “We really based our decision largely on the fact that these two organizations can really benefit from reliable transportation in a way that many other non-profits don't.”

LAMP, founded in 1984, focuses its efforts on the local homeless population.

“Our goal at LAMP is to get everybody back on their feet,” said Assistant Director of LAMP, Chris LaMontagne. “We use vehicles to transport our clients to job searches, job interviews, doctor's appointments, etc.”

LARC, which was founded in 1970 to help provide people with disabilities ways to live and work in their community, transports people to and from LARC each day, as well as to work, grocery stores and appointments.

“To us, these vehicles are like new,” said Dr. Harry Hamm, Director of LARC. “We take people wherever they need to go. It makes a huge difference in their lives.”