Valdosta Daily Times

January 8, 2013

Southeastern Federal Credit Union donates big to local schools

Brittany D. McClure
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Southeastern Federal Credit Union donated 125 cases of paper from Lee Office Equipment Monday to five partner schools in the Valdosta City and Lowndes County school systems.

“We have been a member of Community Partners in Education for over 10 years," said Lori Cauley, Southeastern’s marketing manager. “During that time, we have partnered with various schools in both the Lowndes County school system and the Valdosta City school system."

J.L. Lomax Elementary School, J.L. Newbern Middle School, Moulton Branch Elementary School, Pine Grove Middle School, and W.G. Nunn Elementary School all received 25 cases of paper.

“Because we are a part of this entire community, we feel that it’s important to partner with schools in both the city and the county who are in need of our support,” said Cauley.

So why paper? Both systems’ CPIE coordinators meet with businesses and individual partners each year to identify specific needs of each school.

“In many cases, our schools are strapped for even basic supplies including copy paper,” said Cauley.

While Southeastern fully supports and encourages conservation of materials such as paper to promote a healthier environment, paper remains an essential part of any given classroom.

“We realized that we could assist in that area and supply our partner schools with some additional paper to help get them through the school year,” said Cauley.

Aside from donating essential materials to both school systems, Southeastern continues to support locally owned businesses through purchasing office supplies even for its office from Lee Office Equipment.

“Lee Office Equipment has provided our company with the majority of our office supplies for many years, including copy paper,” said Cauley. “When we approached them with the idea to order paper for our CPIE schools, they were quick to assist with the pricing of the paper as well as the delivery.”

While there was no parade and no crowd to cheer, Southeastern donated supplies and time for the sheer satisfaction of helping the schools and the community, as is true for the other numerous community projects it leads such as litter pickup on the highway and movies in the park.

“Our schools are the backbone of our community, shaping the lives of our children and educating our future leaders,” said Cauley. “We feel that it is our duty to be involved and provide support whenever we can.”