Valdosta Daily Times

February 26, 2013

Cason steps down

Roesch starts today as superintendent

Brittany D. McClure
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Superintendent of Valdosta City Schools Dr. Bill Cason made a surprise announcement at Monday’s Valdosta Board of Education work session that, as of this morning, he will no longer be superintendent.

“This will be my last meeting as your superintendent,” said Cason as he addressed a room full of staff who were unaware and shocked by his announcement.

Cason felt that with newly appointed superintendent Marty Roesch named as his successor, it was causing too much confusion throughout the system.

“We have two bosses,” said Cason. “I feel very strongly at this point, that it’s best for the school district.”

In coming to his decision to leave his post immediately and in all the decisions he makes with the school system, Cason felt he needed to act as selflessly as possible for the sake of the children.

Cason will remain within the school system on an advisory basis until June but as of today, Roesch is the official superintendent.

“Marty Roesch is capable and ready,” said Cason.

Cason, working through tears, went on to thank the people he felt truly helped impact the decisions he made throughout his career.

“I want to thank the board and especially my staff, one of the strongest staffs I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.”

Despite how difficult it was for Cason to announce his last day, he found room to insert a joke, indicative of the personable demeanor he has demonstrated through the course of his career at Valdosta City Schools.

“What will I miss most? Teachers and kids,” said Cason. “Board meetings –not so much.”

Roesch was just as shocked by Cason’s announcement as the rest of the room. However, this has been a position that according to Roesch, he has been preparing for his entire career.

Roesch worked up through the ranks from teacher, to assistant principal, to principal, to assistant superintendent and now, to the top, all in the Valdosta City School system across a span of 25 consistent years.

“This school system is very special to me,” said Roesch.

Roesch was at the football banquet when he received the call that he had been selected as superintendent. Not able to contain his excitement, and not in a position to make a phone call, Roesch immediately texted his wife. Her reply:

“When I met you 23 years ago, you told me this was your goal . . . I love you.”

Despite the surprise of an immediate start date, Roesch is ready and prepared to continue the good work that Cason started.

“We’re heading in the right direction,” said Roesch.

With a new superintendent rising to the ranks, the Valdosta High School graduating class of 2013 may see a new graduation venue.

“On behalf of the 2013 senior class, they would like to have their graduation at the stadium,” said VHS principal Dr. Janice Richardson.

According to board member Vanassa Flucas, holding graduation at Bazemore-Hyder Stadium has been a constant request of parents and students over the course of roughly five years.

“I met with the senior class six times,” said Richardson. “They came up with their own plan.”

The class requested to have the graduation at the stadium on a Friday night. If it were to rain, each student would be given five tickets for family to watch them graduate in the VHS gym. Overflow guests would be located elsewhere watching the ceremony of a television.

The board met the request with mixed feelings.

Board member Bill Love had concerns of ruining the turf, having to purchase deck wood for protection and the heat.

Board member Warren Lee was in full support of the venue change, but suggested that the backup venue be changed to Valdosta State University.

Board chairman Trey Sherwood stated that the board would discuss the request further.