Valdosta Daily Times

March 12, 2014

City school board releases redistricting map

Kristin Finney
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Valdosta City Schools released the proposed plan for redistricting the city’s elementary schools during the board of education meeting Monday night.

The new district map shows Sallas Mahone serving 988 students; W.G. Nunn serving 1,036; J.L. Lomax serving 557; Pinevale serving 600; and S.L. Mason serving 909. The city schools’ redistricting map includes these numbers under the names of each school.

The new district lines had to be created to counter the overpopulation and underpopulation of some of the schools within the Valdosta City system. Currently, J.L. Lomax has 589  students; it was built to house 800. S.L. Mason serves 881 and was built to house 1,125. Sallas Mahone has 1,103 students, but was originally built to house 800 and later added 24 additional classrooms in 2008 when fourth and fifth grades were added. Pinevale serves only 425 when it was built to house 800, and W.G. Nunn serves 1,305  when it was built to house 1,125.

The new redistricting plan will allow the elementary schools to more evenly distribute the student population across the system.

Sallas Mahone will serve the northernmost portion of the city to the Withlacoochee River area above Cherry Creek, as far south as Woodrow Wilson Drive, as far east as North Valdosta Road and Country Club Drive, and as far west as Jaycee Shack Road in the Knights Mill and Freedom Park areas.

W.G. Nunn will serve the northeast portion of the city. The new zone begins as far north as Mt. Zion Church Road, as far east as just west of Moore Crossing, as far south as U.S. 84 and East Park Avenue and as far west as North Ashley Street.

J.L. Lomax will serve the central-eastern portion of the city. The new area begins where W.G. Nunn cuts off between U.S. 84 East and East Park Avenue. It serves as far east as just across Inner Perimeter, as far south as the J.L. Lomax campus  and Old Statenville Road and as far west as North Ashley Street.

The new Pinevale School will serve the southern portion of the city. The district begins as far north as West Hill Avenue, as far east as the Miller Business Park area, and as far west as Interstate 75. The district extends to the southernmost portion of the city lines around I-75.

S.L. Mason will serve the western portion of the city. The new lines begin as far north as Country Club Road, stretching down North Valdosta to Farmington Court, Eager Road, Canna Drive and Woodrow Wilson Drive. The district will reach as far east as Iola Drive and Ashley Street, as far south as West Hill Avenue and Savannah Avenue and as far west as Val Tech Road, and past Riverside and James Road.

The proposal will be available on the Valdosta City Schools’ website until the meetings are held. Parents can offer comments by sending an email to through March 20.

In previous meetings, citizens shared concerns about hardships, the comfort of students with learning disabilities, property values and students passing another school to go to their assigned school.

In order to hear more recommendations and requests from the public, Valdosta City Schools hosts two final public input meetings.

The new plan will be presented during the public input redistricting meeting, 7 p.m. Thursday, March 13, S.L. Mason Elementary School’s gymnasium.

Concerned members of the public are invited to attend the event to share their concerns and recommendations for the new map as well as gain more specific information on their individual homes and neighborhoods. A final public input meeting will be held 7 p.m., March 18, the gymnasium of W.G. Nunn Elementary School.

More information about the redistricting process: Contact Valdosta City Schools, (229) 333-8500.