Valdosta Daily Times

March 5, 2013

Deficiencies found at wastewater plant during inspection

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The Withlacoochee Wastewater Treatment Facility was inspected by the Environmental Protection Agency for compliance in October 2012, according to documents released by the GEPD. During that inspection, 17 major deficiencies and violations were found regarding equipment, record and log keeping, and personnel, including the following:

• All influent bar screens had been removed and the influent grit removal system was offline. An excessive buildup of raw influent solids was observed throughout the preliminary treatment area.

• All primary clarifiers were overloaded with an excessive amount of sludge, and the sludge was observed to be overflowing the primary clarifier weirs.

• Three of the facility’s four sand filters were flooded with water and covered with duckweed.

• Influent Pump Number 2 was out of service and Influent Pump Number 1 was leaking untreated wastewater.

• One of the facility’s two emergency backup generators was offline. If the primary source of power is lost, the City must use an alternative source of power.

• Preprinted data on sample collection times, water bath temperatures, analytical results and other testing information was used in some blocks of laboratory log sheets. All log sheets must contain real-time data.

Following the compliance report, the City was told to submit a corrective action plan to address these issues within 30 days.