Valdosta Daily Times

March 2, 2014

Third man sentenced in bank robbery

Dean Poling
The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — A third man has been sentenced to federal prison in connection with the armed robbery of a Donalsonville bank, and involvement in the 2013 robbery of an Adel bank and the planning of a Ray City bank robbery, according to records released late Friday from the U.S. Attorney Middle District of Georgia’s office.

U.S. District Court Judge W. Louis Sands sentenced Recco Roger Collins to nearly 18 years (210 months) in federal prison on a plea to armed bank robbery. Collins was also ordered to pay restitution to repay the bank and repay any costs associated with damage and repair to vehicles stolen while apprehending him and two associates in relation to the bank robbery.

On Nov. 4, 2013, Collins, 45, pleaded guilty to armed bank robbery in connection with the robbery of the PeoplesSouth Bank in Donalsonville on Feb. 28, 2013. Collins admitted to driving the getaway car for the robbery, according to court records.

Collins also admitted participating in the robbery of Trust Bank, 607 W. 4th St., Adel, on Feb. 7, 2013, and had planned to rob the Citizen’s Bank in Ray City, according to court documents.

“Mr. Collins provided the getaway ride for two violent criminals, and while doing so, he put human lives and property in jeopardy,” said U.S. Attorney Michael Moore. “He has well-earned his lengthy stay in prison.”

Last month, Judge Sands also sentenced Anthony Jerome Facon, 48, to 37 years in federal prison for armed bank robbery and two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence; and in late January, he sentenced Tony Scott Key, 45, to 26 years in federal prison for two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence, both in relation to the Donalsonville bank robbery as well as their involvement in the Adel robbery and the Ray City plot.

In their guilty pleas entered last fall, Facon and Key admitted to entering the PeoplesSouth Bank in Donalsonville on Feb. 28, 2013.

“During the robbery, Mr. Facon was armed with a .22 revolver and Mr. Key with a .38 revolver,” according to the U.S. District Attorney’s office. “Mr. Key and Mr. Facon then fled the bank in a vehicle belonging to one of the bank tellers.”

Following a vehicle and foot chase, Donalsonville, Miller County and Seminole County law-enforcement arrested the two suspects.

Both men also admitted to robbing the Trust Bank in Adel and had planned to rob the Citizen’s Bank in Ray City, according to court documents.

At 12:30 p.m., Feb. 7, two witnesses observed two men wearing coveralls walking around the Ray City bank. That same afternoon, two men wearing what witnesses described as “white hazmat suits” entered the Adel bank. One robber carried a black revolver. One of the robbers used zip-ties to restrain two bank employees while the other robber went behind the counter and took money from the cash drawers.

They demanded a bank customer give them the keys to his Jeep Wrangler. They fled the scene in the Wrangler then deserted it a few blocks away from the bank.

A witness reported seeing two men matching the robbers’ description near an Adel store only a few minutes prior to the Trust Bank robbery. Given the men’s “hazmat suits,” the witness believed there had possibly been a chemical spill in the area.

Working with Collins, Facon and Key reportedly cased the banks before robbing them. For the Donalsonville robbery, Collins entered the bank pretending to be interested in opening an account while gathering information for the robbery. During the robberies, Collins served as the getaway driver. He was taken into custody at a later date.

“While we are thankful that these dangerous individuals are no longer a threat to the public, we cannot underestimate the impact of what their violence did to the bank tellers, customers and community,” said FBI Acting Special Agent in Charge Ricky Maxwell of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Atlanta office. “They may not have physically harmed anyone but the psychological harm that these victims have undergone because of these subjects is immeasurable. We will continue to pursue these violent offenders in cooperation with our law-enforcement partners to protect the citizens of our community.”