Valdosta Daily Times

March 16, 2014

Community turns out for Ray City’s Plow Day

Matthew Woody
The Valdosta Daily Times

RAY CITY — Horses, music, tractors, a helicopter and many, many plows were all at the family-friendly ninth annual Ray City Plow Day Saturday. Children and teens danced along the street before and after the parade to beats spun by DJ CPU.

Nine years ago Greg Harrell and his friends woke up and decided to have fun by plowing their fields, but as they were plowing, they noticed a small group of onlookers enjoying the show. Once they finished plowing, the few spectators that gathered recommended that Harrell and his friends do that once a year, so they did. Greg’s wife, Nina Harrell, has been hosting

“This our ninth year celebrating Plow Day,” Harrell said. “As we continued doing it we started getting more and more businesses because of advertising and by word of mouth. It grew every year. Every year the event doubles in size.”

Harrell said that he and others organize the event because they enjoy bringing a family event to the community, and, in a way, it’s educational because of the plowing demonstrations.

“It’s a great event because families can come to be together and enjoy the day. Also it allows kids to see how it (plowing) was done years ago,” Harrell said. “Not many people have actually seen a mule-drawn plow.”

Before the plows hit the fields, a parade was held on Main Street in Ray City. In this parade were several classic cars, horse-drawn carriages and horse drawn plows, and many tractors. Children lined the road anxiously waiting for the candy to be thrown from the tractors riding in the parade.

The ninth Ray City Plow Day was a big hit, and Greg said that his goal for the event is to grow so much that it becomes a two day event.

Next year, Ray City will hold its tenth Plow Day on the third weekend of March.