Valdosta Daily Times

November 27, 2012

Oliver North visits Valdosta

Brittany D. McClure
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Retired Marine lieutenant colonel, political commentator, bestselling author, and host of the Fox News documentary series, “War Stories,” Oliver North rode into Valdosta Monday on a tour bus fit for a rock star outfitted with a paint job paying tribute to his newest and 13th book, “Heroes Proved.”

While his book is about heroes in 2032 dealing with what seems like the problems of modern-day terrorism, many who turned out for the book signing at Valdosta’s Books-A-Million revered North as a true American hero.

“I just view him as an American hero,” said former Moody Air Force Base A10 Crew Chief Bryan Roy. “He was one of my inspirations for joining the military.”

Roy actually met North back in 1994 in North Virginia.

“He was running for the Senate,” said Roy.

Though Roy was just a high schooler at Norlina Christian School, North made a tremendous impact on his life.

“I met him when I was 16 and he made an impression on me,” said Roy.

Along with North’s new book, Roy toted a copy of his autobiography and a clipping from the newspaper where he and North were pictured together.

Though original, Roy’s newspaper clipping wasn’t the most unique item presented to North. Former Marine Eddie Jussely brought his NCO sword which North signed.

“He has morals and he stands on them,” said Jussely.

Nearly all of North’s fans — which numbered somewhere more than 70 — either served in some branch of the military or had a family member who served. Though busy and with another tour stop to make in Jacksonville, Fla., North took the time to hear every fan’s story and personally thanked all of them for coming out.

This humble attitude and his gratitude toward others who have served made meeting North an honor for many.

“He stands for the American principles we were all raised on,” said Marilyn King. “He fights for the truth.”

Despite North gaining national attention during the Reagan Administration’s Iran-Contra affair in the 1980s for the reported sale of weapons to Iran in exchange for the release of American hostages in the Middle East, truth seemed to be North’s end game.

“Terrorism attacks are lied about by the White House,” said North.

“Heroes Proved,” a novel, reveals a future America during a terrorism attack in the city of Houston. This attack comes after the fictional president claims America is free of terror. North doesn’t claim to have the gift of prophecy, but he does claim that while a book of fiction, the book holds some truth.

“It looks like a whole lot in this book is coming true,” said North.

According to North, he’s been covering various military and political aspects of the United States and beyond for 11 years through Fox News, and he feels his books very much speak the truth.

“The people I write about in this book are real,” said North. “The things in this book are things that ought to concern every American.”

North claims to be an optimist, and thus feels optimistic about the outlook of the United States, but hints that the end of his book has a rather exciting conclusion.

Whether “Heroes Proved” is a premonition of the future of the United States or North’s spin on modern-day American principles was uncertain, but he did state that the book tells the truth and that’s enough of a hook to read it and find out.