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April 9, 2012

Student seeks ‘Top Model’ spot

-- — In a time where some question the worth of their higher education and countless others focus on their image, Jasmine Partlow understands the value and complexity of both and takes all challenges that come in stride.

From the classroom to the runway, this  21-year-old driven woman is stepping into a future with many possibilities.

Jasmine, or J.P. as she is fondly referred to, is a Valdosta State University student by choice and an aspiring model by desire. She has been awarded the opportunity to be one of the featured contestants on the hit TV show “Americas Next Top Model,” produced and hosted by supermodel, actress, talk show host and recent Harvard graduate Tyra Banks.

At the time of this interview, Partlow was planning to go on her second audition for the show in an undisclosed location. Due to the strict regulations set by the show’s producers, some of the details concerning the audition locations and results have to remain confidential for the time being.

What the Early Childhood Education major could disclose was her excitement and enthusiasm to even be selected in the first round, a blessing she said all started with her mother, Vickey.

“I always wanted to be a model,” JP smiled. “My mom always pushed me to go out for it. She was the one who found out that an audition for the show was being held in Augusta (Georgia).”

The young woman with a highly dynamic personality, said she did not hesitate in packing an overnight bag and heading to what could possibly lead her to a lifelong goal.

After class ended Friday, March 2, Partlow headed to the audition which was scheduled for  Saturday, March 3. As nerve racking as Partlow said the whole idea about possibly being selected to represent Valdosta was, the first round of the audition process was “pretty easy,” cut and dry... for the most part.

That process included submitting three photos, filling out an extensive application, presenting identification, and waiting... a lot of waiting.

When the show first aired nine years ago, Partlow said she started tuning in and had dreams of participating one day. She has followed all 18 seasons it has been on the air.

“I said I wanted to do it, but I didn’t have the resources before now,” she said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“I went to Barbizon (modeling school) and was accepted, but did not attend. It just wasn’t possible at that time.”

Partlow found other avenues to keep her dream alive. She got involved with fashion shows when she moved to Valdosta (from Lincolnton, Ga), one being with area designer Anna Battle of Simply Anna’s Creative Designs (2 years now) and Exclusive Fashion, a VSU organization.

“I’m interested in all aspects of modeling,” she said. “It is what I desire. I try and get involved in everything I can pertaining to modeling. I am pursuing a degree in education and will fall back on that if necessary, but

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