Valdosta Daily Times

February 12, 2014

Commission votes to trim the Board of Elections office

Matthew Woody
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The Lowndes County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved cutting five part-time employees from the Lowndes County Board of Elections office to hire one full-time employee at the Commission meeting Tuesday.

Deborah Cox, the Lowndes County Supervisor of Elections, said Monday morning during the work session meeting that 4.49 part-time personnel equals one full-time personnel position, and that her part-time employees cannot perform the advanced duties that need to be done by her full-time employees. This was straining her office by forcing her full-time staff to work overtime.

The Commissioners also unanimously approved a contract with Condrey and Associates to conduct a position classification and compensation plan study; a review of this plan has not been conducted since 2007.

“Compression is when newly hired employees are compensated at a rate that is equal to or similar to the wages being paid to existing experienced, skilled employees,” the request stated. “Currently, new hires are being compensated at rates equal to employees that were hired in July 2009.”

Commissioner John Page requested a timeline for the study because the county will soon begin to review their budget.

Human Resources Director Kevin Beals said that the study will begin this month, and should be completed by June 2014.

The Commissioners unanimously approved three rezoning requests:

A property at the corner of Madison Hwy and Jumping Gulley Rd. was rezoned from Suburban Density Residential (R-10) to General Commercial (C-G) to support a new Dollar General store. In their approval, the commissioners requested the developer to use artisan panels for the building's facade.

A property at the corner of Morven Rd. and Shiloh Rd. be rezoned from Estate Agricultural (E-A) to Residential Agricultural (R-A).

A property off Old Lake Park Rd. was rezoned from E-A to R-A.

During the County Manager's report, Joe Pritchard announced that the Annual Bird Supper has been postponed to March 5 due to the inclement weather in Atlanta.