Valdosta Daily Times

April 18, 2014

Wiregrass learns through play

Kristin Finney
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — For three years, Wiregrass Georgia Technical College has hosted its Wired Up! event to engage students, faculty and staff in a fun but educational activity day.

Wired Up! is different from other campus activity days because it is a health fair combined with a discount day with the intention of being a fun- and activity-filled day for everyone at Wiregrass.

All of the students from the Valdosta campus were invited to the event Thursday, offering them a chance to enjoy a fun and stress-free day.

“This event takes away some of our stress, especially with finals coming up. This gives us a day to relax,” said Megan Dover, a WGTC junior radiology student.

Wired Up! is almost completely organized by the Student Leadership Council. It selects the theme and the decorations. This year’s theme was Mardi Gras, and in this spirit, purple, green and gold decorations covered the front lawn. Students also decorated the derby car floats and created a small student-operated parade.

“The Student Leadership Council represents the programs at Wiregrass and then votes on activities that help advance college life. Every one of our campuses holds activity days to allow students to get involved in a fun day. Wired Up! gives the Leadership Council a chance to take a leading role for our students and put together something they will enjoy, which is what they are there for,” said Angela Hobby, Wiregrass executive director of community and college relations.

One hundred local and national businesses and organizations participated in Wired Up! Many vendors opened booths, while others supplied coupons or

 prizes to be distributed during the event.

Valdosta-Lowndes Parks and Recreation Authority participated in the event.

“This is a great opportunity to let the Wiregrass community know about what we do and we want to take advantage of any opportunity like that. It’s a really fun atmosphere. It’s just great and everyone is really friendly,” said Jessica Catlett, VLPRA marketing and public relations director.

Students could also learn about Wiregrass programs.

“Students can get a lot of information about programs at Wiregrass that they may not have known about. Then we have all the vendors here, but they aren’t just vendors these are our area’s employers. It gives our students a chance to learn about area businesses they didn’t know about, too,” said Rebecka Careaga, RN, MSN, CNG, associate of science degree in nursing instructor.

For six hours, the Valdosta Wiregrass Campus was filled with loud music, laughter and excitement. Students left the event with bags of coupons and gifts, plates of food and a better understanding of their school and community.