Valdosta Daily Times

September 17, 2013

Valdosta State Prison inmate dies

Alleged victim of a stabbing

Kay Harris
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The Georgia Department of Corrections confirmed Monday that an inmate at the Valdosta State Prison died following an apparent stabbing.

Demarquis Cainion, 25, was reportedly transferred to South Georgia Medical Center shortly after noon on Monday with a stab wound to the neck. He was “code blue” in transit and the GDOC’s spokesperson, Gwendolyn Hogan, confirmed his death.

“The Department is currently investigating the incident,” stated Hogan. No suspects or circumstances around the stabbing were released.

Cainion began his most recent incarceration on July 26, 2011, according to the Department of Corrections, for burglaries in Seminole County. He received two 20-year sentences for the two charges which occurred on June 4, 2010, according to the DOC.

The delay in sentencing was apparently due to his being incarcerated from Nov. 9, 2010 to June 4, 2011.

Cainion also served a prior sentence from March 1, 2007 to Oct. 28, 2009, although no information on the reason for his incarceration is included on the DOC website.

Cainion had filed legal actions against Valdosta State Prison alleging indifference to his medical conditions and a request for a transfer to another prison.

In a suit filed in August 2012, Cainion raised “allegations of deliberate indifference to serious medical conditions while housed at Valdosta State Prison. Plaintiff claims defendants Danforth (former warden William Danforth) and Orr (deputy warden Calvin Orr) assigned Plaintiff to a top bunk when they were aware of his history of seizures. Plaintiff asserts that he subsequently fell off the top bunk during a seizure and injured his eye.”

Cainion also filed a motion in Jan. 31, 2013 seeking a court order directing his transfer to another prison.

Both actions were denied by Judge Hugh Lawson of the Superior Court on June 3, 2013. A subsequent objection by Cainion was filed more than 20 days past the 14 day window set by the court and Lawson again ruled in the defendant’s favor on July 8, 2013.

This is the second death from an alleged stabbing at the prison in two years, and one of dozens of reports of stabbings of both inmates and guards at the prison in the last five years.

Reporter Adam Floyd contributed to the story.