Valdosta Daily Times

January 2, 2013

2013 welcomes baby girl

Hospital delivers first infant of the year

Jason Schaefer
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The mother of the first Lowndes County baby of 2013 was awake and alert with her infant swaddled at her feet on the gurney. The exhausted father, however, was asleep in the chair beside them.

Amelia Wilkinson was born to Malaina Hamilton and Zach Wilkinson at Smith Northview Hospital at 6:53 a.m., weighing five pounds, 15 ounces and measuring 17.5 inches long. She was asleep in her pink swaddling clothes Tuesday afternoon with her parents, who cuddled her with love and pride.

Zach was difficult to rouse when The Valdosta Daily Times arrived to take photos, and was yawning from enduring a sleepless night.

“I’m so tired,” he managed, blinking away his sleep.

Malaina was more active, and seemed none the worse for wear after her labor and delivery, which posed no complications for mother and daughter. Her comment about the experience was summed up in two words: “It hurt.”

“My water broke at about eight last night, and we came up here,” she said.

Nurses said the delivery was “pretty easy,” all things considered.

Zach shrugged when asked about how it felt to have the first baby of the year and said, “I knew she was number one from the start.”