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November 21, 2013

Kendrick’s Final Walk

Times investigation finds additional KJ footage, which pieces together the LHS student’s path to the old gym


VALDOSTA — The Other Cameras

Although footage from only 59 cameras was requested by the sheriff’s office, investigators looked at footage from every camera while on-site at LHS, said sheriff’s Lt. Jones. Footage from D-wing was not requested, but a still image included in the case file shows Kendrick entering his first block class in D-Wing at 8:33 a.m. on Jan. 10., demonstrating that at least some of the footage was viewed by investigators.

Turner said investigators knew they always had the option to return and review the additional footage if it became pertinent to their investigation.


Vanishing Students

The Times has previously reported on the apparent disappearance of students on surveillance footage, and in the Nov. 7 press conference, Crump pointed to this instance as further proof of a “conspiracy.”

Jim Elliott, attorney for the sheriff’s department, released a statement following the conference explaining the phenomenon is the result of the Integral cameras being motion activated and that the cameras do not record video but take still images at the rate of one frame per second.

Rowell supplied The Times with documents from Integral Technologies that further explain why students who are seen on camera suddenly vanish.

The surveillance cameras in the gym are activated when the camera detects a change in light. A student moving across the camera’s field of view can trigger the camera to record but not always. The camera breaks each image into “blocks” and measures the number of “blocks” that change at any given moment. A certain percentage of blocks has to change before the camera begins to record. If a student walked directly in front of the camera, in the foreground, more “blocks” are changed because the student is occupying more of the image. If a student is further away, in the background, the number of “blocks” changed may not hit the threshold to start recording, according to Integral Technologies documents.

In the case of students who vanish from the video, giving the impression that the video has been altered, those students were in the background of video that was already being recorded. When action in the foreground ceased, the required number of “blocks” was not met and recording stopped and then immediately resumed once that “block” percentage was reached again, making it appear that students had either vanished or that the footage had been altered.

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