Valdosta Daily Times

November 19, 2013

VPD: Scam uses ‘police’ calls

Dean Poling
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The Valdosta Police Department warns of a new phone scam where callers pose as police detectives from other jurisdictions, according to information released Monday.

“We had a Valdosta resident who received a telephone call from someone identifying himself as a detective from another jurisdiction,” said VPD Bureau of Investigations Cmdr. Leslie Manahan. “He told the victim that he needed her bank account information, in

reference to the fact that he had suspects in custody for attempting to cash one of her checks. When the victim refused to give any information over the phone, the caller got upset and hung up on her.”

The Valdosta woman who received the call, in turn, called the VPD. Valdosta police contacted the law-enforcement agency mentioned in the Valdosta woman’s call. This agency confirmed it did not have an officer or detective by the name given to the Valdosta woman.

Manahan would remind Valdosta residents to never give banking or personal information to unknown individuals over the phone.

“If they receive a call like this and they are not sure if they are a victim in another jurisdiction, or they are not sure if the person they are talking to is a police officer, please contact the Valdosta Police Department and have us verify any information,” Manahan said. “If they truly are victim in another jurisdiction, we will assist them in getting them in contact with who they need to speak with.”

Anyone having any further information regarding this crime or any other crime is urged to contact the Valdosta Police Department at (229) 293-3145; or remain anonymous, (229) 293-3091.