Valdosta Daily Times

January 7, 2014

Credit union helps local schools

Kristin Finney
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — For the second year in a row, Southeastern Federal Credit Union has donated 150 cases of paper to be distributed at five local schools.

Schools that received donations were Moulton-Branch Elementary, J.L. Newbern Middle, J.L. Lomax Elementary, W.G. Nunn Elementary and Pine Grove Middle.

While paper might seem like an odd need for a school, it is very much in demand and all of the schools are thankful to Southeastern for the donation.

“All schools are continuing to make budget cuts in every area as the slow rebound from the economic recession continues. As we continue trying to discover new and unique ways of teaching and learning while conserving our resources, paper continues to be a basic, daily need in schools. The support of Southeastern Credit Union is a huge help to us in providing for and addressing the academic needs of students in the classroom,” said Herb Hamilton, Moulton-Branch Elementary principal.

“W.G. Nunn is very thankful of the paper donation by Southeastern Federal Credit Union. Paper is always a need within the school, so the faculty and staff is very grateful for the generous donation and will put it to good use,” said Cisco Diaz, W.G. Nunn Elementary School principal.

Pam King, principal at J.L. Lomax Elementary, said, “Thank you to Southeastern Federal Credit Union, one of our CPIE partners, for donating copy paper to J.L. Lomax Elementary. Each year we have a certain amount of money that is budgeted for supplies. There is always a need for an endless supply of copy paper as it has many ends. Our classroom instruction focuses on student-centered activities. In addition to allowing us to print our assessments, the copy paper allows our students to create their own graphic organizers, study guides, copy important words, phrases, and to locate details in text. This also helps the teachers formatively assess students’ progress.”

During the last drop off of the day at Pine Grove Middle, Southeastern representatives spoke to the teachers and shared their thanks.

“We really appreciate everything you do for our community and our children. We know you guys face a lot of challenges and we are happy to be able to do something that we hope will be able to alleviate a little bit of the stress. Thank you on behalf of everyone at the Credit Union. We really appreciate what you do,” said Lori Cauley, Southeastern’s marketing manager.

“We’re part of the community, too, and we really feel like supporting our school systems makes things better for all of us. Having been in the community for 60 years, we feel like we have a responsibility. As a Credit Union, we’re not required to do this. We want to do it. We are more than happy to do it. We are delighted,” said E. Michael Gudely, president/CEO of Southeastern.  

Pine Grove Middle School Principal Ken Overman said of the donations, “Everyone here at Pine Grove Middle so appreciates the support we receive from Southeastern Federal Credit Union. Their thoughtfulness touches our staff and students all year long.”