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January 6, 2013

The In-Betweeners

A look at the movies between the Christmas hits and the summer blockbusters

- — In movies, there’s some time now between the recently released holiday epics and the summer blockbusters. This is that time between seeing Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean in this Christmas’ “Les Miserables” and as the superhero X-Man in this summer’s “The Wolverine.” The time between this holiday season’s James Bond “Skyfall” and this summer’s Superman “Man of Steel.”

But there are some interesting things coming between now and the opening of “Iron Man 3” in early May. The Times takes a tour of what’s expected to open in the coming weeks. Note: The listed scheduled dates may change, and some of the listed movies are slated for limited theatrical release.


9: “I Am Not A Hipster,” carefree singer-songwriter reconnects with his roots.

11: “Gangster Squad,” Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin in a 1940s mobster movie. “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Hurt Locker” director Kathryn Bigelow presents this dramatization of the hunt and killing of Osama bin Laden. “Promised Land,” Matt Damon stars in this story of a corporate salesman moved by the area he’s supposed acquire for drilling rights. ALSO: “A Haunted House,” a horror spoof; “The Baytown Outlaws,” Billy Bob Thornton, Eva Longoria in a modern, Southern take-off of “The Three Godfathers”; “Officer Down,” a doctor and security guard share their waking lives through one another’s dreams; “Storage 24,” horror; “Struck By Lightning,” comic, quirky, coming of age story; “Quartet,” Dustin Hoffman directs a strong cast that includes Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Albert Finney, Billy Connolly, Michael Gambon, in a story about a home for retired musicians.

18: “The Last Stand,” in his first leading role in years, following his stint as California’s governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a small-town sheriff who must deal with a drug kingpin moving to his sleepy county. ALSO: “Broken City,” Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe thriller; “Guillermo del Toro Presents Mama,” horror; “Luv,” Common, Dennis Haysbert and Danny Glover star in this story of a bashful kid who bonds with his troubled uncle during one extraordinary day.

25: “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters,” starring “Avenger” and “Bourne” star Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton in the latest action-packed, remade fairy tale for the big screen. ALSO: “Movie 43,” comic shorts featuring cameos from several stars, with the tagline, “Once you see it, you can’t unsee it”; “Parker,” Jason Statham’s latest action film; “John Dies at the End,” comedy about a drug that takes users on a time-space trip but is a gateway for an alien invasion; “Noobz,” video-gamer comedy; “Knife Fight,” Rob Lowe plays a political strategist in this drama; “Supporting Characters,” comedy.

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