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August 18, 2013

Thirteen for the Fall

A look at coming movies through the year’s end


VALDOSTA — BEST MAN HOLIDAY: Nearly 15 years after “The Best Man” edged Terrence Howard, Taye Diggs, Nia Long and others toward stardom, they return to these characters in this sequel. Here, rivalries and romances are renewed during a Christmastime reunion. Opens Nov. 15.

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET: If movies were judged by previews alone, this will be one of the most fun, smartest movies of the year. That’s definitely how the preview plays out for this film directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Leonardo Dicaprio, who seems to be moving away from the dour characters he’s played in so many dramas in recent years. Based on a true story, Dicaprio plays Jordan Belfort, a filthy rich Wall Street broker who scales the heights higher and higher until there’s nowhere left go ... except for the fall. The preview looks fast-paced, fun and funny, but Scorsese is also the director of “Goodfellas,” which starts as a coming-of-age story in the romanticized mob before it beautifully spirals into the reality of corruption, violence, paranoia, betrayal and revenge. Will the gleeful “Wolf” eat its own? Opens Nov. 15.

HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE: When the first “Hunger Games” movie premiered, a few people may have remembered Jennifer Lawrence as the blue-skinned, young Mystique in “X-Men First Class,” or the Oscar-nominated actress from the little-seen “Winter’s Bone,” but most people knew her as the girl selected to play Katniss in the movie adaptations of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novels of a mountain youth who must survive a deadly reality show that has young people hunting one another. The first “Hunger Games” was a huge success, and to ensure that Jennifer Lawrence became a household name last year, she won an Oscar for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook,” and now she returns as Katniss in the first of three “Hunger Games” sequels (the third book is scheduled to be adapted over two films). Opens Nov. 22.

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