Valdosta Daily Times

June 3, 2013

Books: The Astronomer's Pearl: George Young

Dean Poling
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — In his recently published poetry collection, “The Astronomer’s Pearl,” poet George Young writes about everything: old dogs, the cosmos, the interior life of a water lily, a “Conversation with a Great Blue Heron,” Friedrich Nietzche and his mad encounter with a horse, an ode to Thomas Hardy, the loss of artist Frida Kahlo, Darwin being mistaken for a tree, etc. As diverse as these numerous poems may sound, Young strings them together as artfully as a master jeweler threading pearls. Young is the winner of the 2012 Violet Reed Haas Prize for Poetry presented by the Valdosta-based Snake Nation Press. He writes in a lyrical voice, finding humor and pathos in these disparate themes, capturing the despair and the delight of the human condition, while fathoming a kindling spark of the nascent divine.