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June 19, 2013

'Man of Steel' still needs work



Richard Linklater has directed Hawke and Delpy in this film and its two prequels. This outing, Hawke and Delpy also helped Linklater pen the screenplay. The three films are very similar. They are all romantic dramas.
This film is good. It takes a limited cast with just a few settings and makes an entire movie with just a few people chatting, mainly one-on-one conversations with Hawke and Delpy’s Jesse and Céline. Their relationship remains a main part of this tale.
Jesse and Céline and a few friends are still having deep life-inspiring, philosophical questions. They tackle some. Others remain unanswered.
A rare treat is seeing a full-fledged, lengthy dialogue that is uninterrupted in United States’ films. Usually, dialogue is shorter with action sequences, exaggerated visual effects and forced underdeveloped character relationships.  
“Before Midnight” emphasizes the art of talking in films. And, these characters talk and then some. Actually, the cast talks to the point that they border on tedious occasionally. This aspect is especially true when Jesse and Céline argue. Their argument continues for some time like real life. The neat part is that their argument easily invites you to observe and take sides without really knowing the full details of the disagreement. You do not have to know what the full argument is.
This is the brilliance of “Before Midnight.” Like its prequels, it nicely delivers intelligent dialogue in a manner that charms for those with long attention spans.
However, the way the film ends leaves one not wanting to care any more. Jesse and Céline argue and then get over it before the conclusion. Now, the rest of us should return to the real-world relationships that make our lives as interesting as Jesse and Céline’s lives.
Grade: B (See it before it leaves movie cinemas.)  

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