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June 19, 2013

'Man of Steel' still needs work



Think of each scene as being like a panel of a comic book’s page. This means the action jumps from one scene to the next. The pace is intriguing but hardly allows time to showcase multiple characters of which many are present here.
Many of the characters are unneeded. Goyer and Nolan should have saved some of these debuts for the next film.
Superman is great entertainment, but the story is scattered. The film could easily be three screenplays. The first is the beginning 20 minutes that tell what happened on Superman’s native planet and how a baby Kal-El made it to Earth. The second shows Clark Kent trying to find peace on Earth while rescuing humans from dire consequences and occasionally from each other. The remaining film delves into Superman attempting to defeat Zod and his minions. The seeming three parts are interesting in their own accord but haphazardly mixed, especially when the film throws in multiple flashbacks.
Even more, “Man of Steel” throws in a pretentious romance with newspaper reporter Lois Lane (Adams). Their relationship is forced; they instantly fall for each other without really falling for each other.
For some antiquated reasoning, Hollywood still feels the need to have a damsel in distress and a love interest for every superhero, even when unnecessary for the plot. Directed by Snyder (“300,” 2006), David S. Goyer wrote this screenplay based on the adapted story he and Christopher Nolan devised. Goyer and Nolan both collaborated on the writing of “The Dark Knight” (2008). “Man of Steel” is a jumbled mix of stories and concepts equal to, as aforementioned, at least two films.
Diane Lane and Kevin Costner are great as Martha and Jonathan Kent, but their use is limited. Laurence Fishburne is Perry White, editor-in-chief of the Metropolis newspaper The Daily Planet. They are there, only to facilitate a story when needed. Otherwise, they are merely reduced to tertiary characters. 

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