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May 4, 2014


Superheroes, monsters, giant robots, comedies ... summer’s back at the cinema


VALDOSTA — DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES: “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (2011) revived the “Planet of the Apes” franchise though nothing like the phenomenon of the late 1960s through the mid-1970s which saw the release of five “Apes” films, an “Apes” TV show, an “Apes” Saturday morning cartoon series, and the precursor to modern marketing with a plethora of “Apes” toys and merchandise. This installment picks up a decade after “Rise.” Caesar and his ape tribe must face the human survivors of a plague virus. ... Who will rule in a movie series called “Planet of the Apes”? Release date: July 11.

The Purge: Anarchy: Sequel to the movie about a future time when all crimes are legal one day each year. Release date: July 18.

Jupiter Ascending: The Wachowski siblings (“The Matrix,” “V for Vendetta”) return with this science-fiction tale of a young woman marked for an extraordinary legacy. Release date: July 18.

HERCULES: THE THRACIAN WARS: Fifty to 60 years ago, Hercules movies were the closest thing to a superhero movie. Steve Reeves was an early bodybuilder who made Hercules films a major draw for audiences in the mid-20th century. Since, the Greek demi-god has been the subject of a 1990s syndicated television show and a few other efforts. This year seems to be Hercules’ big-screen comeback. Earlier this year, a Hercules film starring Kellan Lutz bombed at the box office, but there’s more excitement surrounding this summer effort which stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the title role. Release date: July 25.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: Fans are wondering how much this comic book movie will connect with the other Marvel movies, such as “The Avengers,” etc. While the extra credit scenes for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” made no correlation between the Avengers aspect of the Marvel Universe and the Guardians, last fall’s “Thor: The Dark World” did. Guardians are a lesser known superhero group, whose adventures take place in deep space. The release of the Guardians movie preview attracted loads of attention, introduced the characters, and revealed a potentially fun, tongue-in-cheek adventure. Release date: Aug. 1.

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