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March 28, 2013

‘Olympus Has Fallen’ rises at theatres

VALDOSTA — “Olympus Has Fallen” (Action/Thriller: 2 hours)

Starring: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Rick Yune and Morgan Freeman

Director: Antoine Fuqua

Rated: R (Extreme violence and profanity)

Movie Review: Mike Banning (Butler) is a somewhat disgraced Secret Service agent. After North Korean terrorists storm and capture the White House, Banning, the lone surviving guard in White House, must rescue President Benjamin Asher (Eckhart), who is one of hostages of the North Korean terrorists led by Kang (Yune).

The White House falls, yet “Olympus” remains on a mountaintop as an action film.

This action movie is more action than a sound political piece. It misses the mark by not allowing the film to delve into the political realm for a more realistic rendering. Instead, this is a thrilling action flick. That, it achieves. It very nicely becomes riveting.

“Olympus” is “Die Hard” in the White House. In this aspect, it is nothing new, although Butler is sound as this film’s lead. This movie delves into some typical masculine clichés, but they are minor enough that they do not interfere with good entertainment.       

Grade: B- (It rises to the occasion.)


“The Croods” (Animated/Adventure: 1 hour, 38 minutes)

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds

Directors: Kirk De Micco, Chris Sanders

Rated: PG (Some scary moments and violence)

Movie Review: This very entertaining animated film is “Avatar” meets “Ice Age” meets last year’s “Brave.” It features a prehistoric family. Grug (Cage) is the protective father of the family of six. He keeps his family safe by keeping them in a secure cave. His daughter, Eep (Stone), is an adventurer. She wants to leave the cave to explore. During one of her adventures, she encounters Guy (Reynolds), a sophisticated nomad. The Croods, who are definitely cave dwellers, see Guy as a threat initially, but Guy quickly comes to their rescue when the planet becomes volatile.

The computer animation is superb in this film. Viewers, if given the chance, should see this film. Its 3-D graphics are spectacular, and this film uses three-dimensional aspects exceptionally.

Even more, the story is potent. The characters easily make the audience care for their cause. Each player is necessary via sound storytelling. The voices featured are good also, especially Cage as Grug and Reynolds as Guy.

The adventure is engaging and very enjoyable. Members of any age should find this gratifying entertainment. 

Grade: B (A good prehistoric bunch)


“Admission” (Comedy: 1 hour, 47 minutes)

Starring: Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, Nat Wolff and Lily Tomlin

Director: Paul Weitz

Rated: PG-13 (Strong language and thematic elements)

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