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January 29, 2014

‘Ride Along’? Ride away


VALDOSTA — Movie Review: Not much is worse than a film that advertises itself as one thing but presents another viewpoint. “Stand Your Ground” is a true story about Jackie Carpenter (Locke). She is a mother struggling with her faith after her son, Jason (Matthews), faces a murder trial. She prays and fights for his freedom.

Michael McClendon wrote this screenplay that is an adaptation of Jackie Carpenter’s book entitled “Georgia Justice.” It is as much a political film as any, plagued with shabby acting and editing. This is a tragedy because the film uses religion to promote an agenda. That agenda plays out like the George Zimmerman case, except this time the deceased victim had no weapon and was clearly not the aggressor.

The film spends much of its time following how the mother handles her son’s trial for a murder. Much of this time, she relies on her Christian faith through prayers and friends. This is all well and good from her perspective, but what about the family and friends of the man killed?

The film barely mentions a man died — shot in the back — doing nothing but arguing with another man. Instead, the focus is how a woman prays for her son’s freedom without examining the fact that her son killed a man, accidentally or not.

The film avoids a deeper meaningful existence by giving a one-sided story. Neither the mother nor her son appears apologetic to the mother who lost her son. The murder in the movie is portrayed as an accident, but it is an avoidable one. If one man had let law enforcement do their job, this story would not need screen time.

Grade: D (Stand and walk away.)

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