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June 22, 2014

Stories with a Brush

Arts center exhibits the paintings of Susanne Schuenke

VALDOSTA — Since the world seems to thrive on the comparative, since we must all relate to the question, What’s it like? encountering Susanne Schuenke’s marvelous paintings at the Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts is something akin to Pablo Picasso meeting the animation of the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine.”

With something uniquely her own.

There’s the racing horse, the giant puppet, the last turn of the century art patrons, the breezy grace of an orchestra. She wraps the palette and eye of the post-Impressionists around a continued sense of the modern contemporary.

An artist’s statement describes her canvases as containing a “dominant, harmonious flow of idiosyncratic curves and dynamic lines which hold balance with the inner structure of the over-all composition. With such lines, Schuenke defines and characterizes figures the same as objects, but also as much more abstract concepts.”    

A Ponte Vedra, Fla.-based artist, Schuenke’s work has appeared in numerous shows throughout Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and in U.S. cities such as Chicago and New York, as well as international locales such as London and Paris.

“From early age onward, I have drawn and painted in my unique style, which is recognizable by the layman observer as well as the professional connoisseur,” she notes. “This may be expressed in a more naturalistic state of stylization or in various degrees of abstraction. In this style, I work in a wide range of topics and degrees of stylization without losing my artistic core.”

The statement also notes: “The art critic, Ann Leighton, coined this in one sentence:  ‘Susanne Schuenke tells stories with the brush’ in reference to the richly formulated and detailed content of my paintings. After the first impressions, the topics enfold in a wide spectrum from philosophical thoughts about the existing conditions of mankind to the humored satire observable in our societies. Furthermore, this may also lead sometimes to a critical commentary about a political scenario.”

This exhibit is a breath of fresh air for the arts center. Something remarkably different and endlessly engaging.

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