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June 5, 2014

Jolie is ‘Maleficent’s’ Beauty


VALDOSTA — Movie Review: Several television personalities have compared “A Million Ways to Die in the West” to “Blazing Saddles” (Director Mel Brooks, 1974). Brooks’ comedy is one of the greatest comedies in moviedom. This comparison is like the massiveness of the Sun to that of Earth.

Old Stump is a wild Western town. Death is common to the small population. For cowardly sheep rancher Albert (MacFarlane), the likelihood of death is sure. Enter Anna (Theron), mysterious woman who helps Albert find courage and shoot a gun. Albert and Anna fall for each other, but Anna has a secret. She is married. Her husband is the ruthless outlaw Clinch (Neeson), and he wants to know who has been seeing his wife. Albert’s chances for dying sooner just increased.

Nearly, 15 minutes pass before someone dies or is dead. Long before then, one can easily tell this comedy is a million bad moments waiting to happen.

“A Million Ways” offers only a few genuine laughs. The majority is childish bits at which only preteens should snicker. Seth MacFarlane’s other comedies are gratifying as screenplays or teleplays.

“Ted” (2012) and television’s “Family Guy” that started in 1999 are prime examples. They are smart comedies. They may contain adolescent moments, but their intellectual moments prevail.

“A Million Ways” is a bunch of humor haphazardly thrown together with childish intellect. Theron, Neeson and few other stars take part in this elementary comedy.

They give the film some influence, but they can’t help a film plagued with multiple lame flatulence sequences, overly silly characters and an unfocused story.

Disappointingly, this adult comedy mildly entertains, yet it never thrives to be more than immature material. “A Million Ways” is comical mishap, filled with cheap, brainless laughs.

Grade: C- (The quality of comedy dies in the wild, wild west)

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