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July 13, 2014

The Valdosta Test

Do you know where you live?

-- — 1. Lowndes County is named for William Lowndes. Was he

a. a Georgia governor.

b. a South Georgia pioneer.

c. a South Carolina senator.

d. a Civil War hero.

2. Western legend “Doc” Holliday spent part of his formative years in Valdosta. He’s been a character in several movies. Which actor has NOT played Holliday?

a. Willie Nelson.

b. Caesar Romero.

c. Val Kilmer.

d. Warren Beatty.

3. In what movie does a character from Valdosta unwittingly participate in cannibalism?

a. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

b. “Fried Green Tomatoes.”

c. “Gator.”

d. “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

4. Which has NOT been a Valdosta nickname?

a. The Azalea City.

b. Jewel of South Georgia.

c. Friendly Town.

d. Winnersville.

5. In 1859-1860, Lowndes moved its county seat and created Valdosta to:

a. Grow a larger cotton crop.

b. Because the old county seat burned to the ground.

c. To meet a train being built through the area.

d. To find a place that wasn't as hot.

6. In the early 20th century, a circus elephant went on a rampage through Valdosta. The

elephant's name was:

a. Gypsy.

b. Buttercup.

c. Gigantor.

d. Jumbo.

7. The Valdosta Daily Times was originally called:

a. The Lowndes Leader.

b. South Georgia Times.

c. The Georgia Gazetteer.

d. The Hahira Herald.

8. Valdosta was once the world’s largest producer of:

a. Inland sea island cotton.

b. Footballs.

c. Tobacco.

d. Bees.

9. Valdosta was the second place in the world to produce:

a. the musical “The Man from La Mancha.”

b. transistor radio components.

c. Coca-Cola.

d. carry-on luggage.

10. Which famed explorer is believed to have visited the region which is now Valdosta?

a. Christopher Columbus.

b. Ponce de Leon.

c. The Ford Explorer.

d. Hernando de Soto.

11. Burt Reynolds filmed part of a film in nearby Lakeland. The movie was:

a. “Gator.”

b. “White Lightning.”

c. “Cannonball Run.”

d. “Hooper.”

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