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July 25, 2013

Destroying Wolverine?



Readers learned that the claws seen in the “Hulk” are not attached to his gloves but pop out of his hands from casings inside his arms. Readers learned his entire skeleton is coated with an unbreakable steel called adamantium. Wolverine’s mutant power is a healing ability that allows him to recover from almost anything. Early, it is also suggested, his mutant powers include an almost feral ability to track and hunt. He is strong but short, especially compared with the towering statures of his fellow superheroes.

If he is a superhero ...

At first, Wolverine is an ultimate anti-hero. Unlike most superheroes, Wolverine is a trained killer. He is filled with rage set off as smart-aleck remarks in conversation, a berserker’s violence in battle. As a few issues of “X-Men” pass, it is often suggested that Wolverine is many years old, but no one knows how many.

He gets a name, just one, Logan. Beneath his mask is an unforgettable face of swooping, nearly quill-like hair and mutton chops. No one knew much about his past. Not the readers, not his fellow X-Men, not even Wolverine himself. Nor the creators for that matter. Soon, the creators would thrive on this element of Wolverine mystery.

But first, Wolverine received a soul. Though a murderous character, Wolverine’s fan base grew, but it leapt into the stratosphere of fandom during a four-part Wolverine miniseries, featuring writer Chris Claremont and artist Frank Miller. The miniseries gave a glimpse into part of Wolverine’s past: He’d once been an operative in Japan. During a past X-Men adventure, he’d fallen for a woman in Japan. In the miniseries, he tried winning her love and revealed a character who was the best at what he does, but one who must fight his animal urges to be the best that he can be.

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