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October 11, 2013

'Gravity' soars



The acting is nominal and the story, again, is mild. Both could have been improved upon to make this film a better production.
Stardom takes courage. The film portrays that in abundance through the character Grace, yet it fails to take that message and adequately turn it into a superior, cinematic experience. The film concentrates on the downside of celebrity status to counter it with faith. A presentation of the perks of stardom would have been nice. The film could have shown the temptation of becoming a celebrity and its enticing concepts first in more detail to make such life desirable. Then, the application of stardom’s downfalls as a means to show why a young lady needs Christ in her life could have been inserted. This would have inserted more substance to this mild screenplay.           
Grade: C- (Needs more unplugging.)  

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