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October 11, 2013

'Gravity' soars



The plot suffers from ADD. The scenes are a disarray of scattered moments. This plot haphazardly jumps from one scene to the next without a smooth connection. This exists mainly because the characters are not well established nor are they believable. They are flat. Major stars Timberlake and Affleck can do nothing to better this film.
A neat premise is turned into a crime thriller that fails energize. The conclusion is less gratifying after putting audiences through lackluster moments. The ending happens without a substantive reward.    
Grade: D (If you are a runner, go in the opposite direction of this film.)
“Grace Unplugged” (Drama/Religion: 1 hour, 42 minutes)
Starring: Amanda "AJ" Michalka, James Denton and Kevin Polk
Director: Brad J. Silverman
Rated: PG (Thematic elements and brief teen drinking)
Movie Review: Grace Rose Trey (Michalka) is a Christian singer/songwriter along with her father, Johnny Trey (Denton), at their local church. Grace decides she wants to do more and be a star like her father. Johnny was once a major rock star, who charted a Billboard number one single. Twenty years ago, Johnny hit rock bottom before becoming a devout Christian. Now, Grace wants her chance to be a star. Defying her parents, she leaves for Los Angeles with hopes of making it big. She teams up with Johnny’s former manager and producer, Frank "Mossy" Mostin (Polk). Grace achieves stardom, but she soon finds she may need her Christian faith to survive in Hollywood.  While nothing spectacular, this faith-based tale manages to be mild but just able enough to entertain with a message. The film has a good story but fails to push the envelope when it is in its grasp. It could have easily made itself more dramatic but goes for the light and easy, focusing on message more than substance.

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