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September 9, 2013

Get away, far away, from ‘Getaway’


VALDOSTA — Movie Review: This documentary follows the musical activities of Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis. The guys are a very popular boy band that rose to fame after their appearance on British television’s “The X-Factor” in 2010. The young men have since skyrocketed to fame and attract very large crowds of mainly young teenage women. For a good reason: these guys are intriguing, handsome and talented performers.

The film spends much of its time showing the guys being young, often behaving like boys. They are pranksters, and they don’t mind showing their adolescent humor. Off stage, life never appears dull when these young men are together. Harry Styles steals the show, of course. He likes the cameras, and the people controlling them apparently like him. He is the more energetic and comical of the band’s members.

Besides the band, we also see how the young men interact with their families and fans. Their interaction with family is light, but moments captured with fans are imaginatively comical. Some of the better moments are when the One Direction members wear disguises. Then, they interact with unknowing fans to get reactions. Elements of the pranks are very similar to MTV’s “Jack-Ass” antics. These bits are comically entertaining. They make this documentary a better entertainment.

A carefully planned piece of publicity is one manner to describe this movie. This film gives audiences a sugar-coated view of five men achieving fame. Viewers mainly see the happy moments, as if this is all that exists. This is not bad because this film’s purpose to give fans more access to the five young men, attract more fans and generate controlled publicity for One Direction.

Directed by Spurlock (“Super Size Me,” 2004), enjoyable is the appropriate manner to describe this production, even if one is not a fan. It has something for various audiences. Five talented, handsome guys with tattoos, shirtless often and sometimes in their undies should provide plenty thrills for their fans. The humorous pranks and their boyish antics help, if one wants more.    

Grade: B (The direction is good.)


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