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July 5, 2009

ZOMBIELAND: Coming this fall

VALDOSTA _ “Zombieland” is scheduled to open in movie theatres Oct. 9, according to several movie Web sites.

The movie has attracted a lot of Internet buzz since filming at Valdosta’s Wild Adventures wrapped in February. A trailer or preview for the movie has also been released.

The preview shows glimpses of several scenes at Wild Adventures. “Zombieland” star Woody Harrelson’s character, Tallahassee, is seen shooting a machine gun while spinning from one ride. Numerous zombies, presumably the numerous extras hired in South Georgia, are seen marauding through the park at night. A vehicle crashes in the park’s lake. The Rattler ride apparently is used to destroy some zombies.

All of the trailer’s Wild Adventures shots are night scenes.

A few other snippets show Harrelson in scenes that look like they could have been shot in South Georgia, especially one shot of Harrelson walking down a highway past a field of hay bales. During filming, Harrelson became a regular site around Valdosta, shooting hoops at VSU, seen at Charley O’Corley’s in Remerton.

Hard to tell though. In addition to shooting “Zombieland” in Valdosta in February, other principal filming occurred in and around Georgia’s Newnan, Morrow, Decatur, Powder Springs and Atlanta.

In addition to Wild Adventures, Valdosta-area filming occurred on the property of the former Crackin’ Good Bakers.

Details are scarce because the filmmakers kept a tightly closed set while filming here. Wild Adventures refused much comment on the film. A person identifying herself as a Valdosta State University graduate said several VSU alums were part of the production team. In February, she said they could be interviewed but could not discuss the movie.

Tight lips caused some local speculation that the film might be a set-up to pull a “Borat”-style stunt on the region. A movie about making a movie rather than a movie about zombies.

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