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May 4, 2009

BOOKS: A. Lincoln

A. LINCOLN: Ronald C. White Jr.

After Jesus, more books have been reportedly written about Abraham Lincoln than any other person in history. Especially with 2009 being the bicentennial of his birth, there are numerous new books about Lincoln available. As have past books, these new volumes cover numerous facets of the 16th president’s life. There are books regarding his role as commander in chief, his abilities as a writer, the months between his election and inauguration when he served as commander in chief. There are short biographies and there is this new full biography, “A. Lincoln,” by Ronald C. White Jr. “A. Lincoln” is how Lincoln often referred to himself in auto-biographical information he prepared for a campaign biography. This volume looks at the full measure of the man known as Abraham, Old Abe, Honest Abe, Father Abraham, and simply Lincoln. White examines Lincoln’s rise from a poor backwoods boy to a self-taught, self-made man who excelled as an attorney, often struggled as a politician, and developed into a talented writer, speaker, and statesman before becoming president at one of the most crucial junctures in American history. White also looks closely at Lincoln’s development as a spiritual person and leader, his growth as a writer and politician; he examines Lincoln’s writings closely. There are personal touches involving Lincoln’s relationship with his parents, wife and children, as well as friends and colleagues. This book delves well into the continual evolution of Abraham Lincoln in numerous aspects of his life and how those changes affected the nation. David Herbert Donald’s “Lincoln” arguably remains the pinnacle of a one-volume Lincoln biography for the past generation, but “A. Lincoln” is a full portrait of the man and his times.

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