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December 16, 2012

Only one more shopping weekend left!

Kay Harris
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — This is the week that us procrastinators enjoy the most, the last shopping week and weekend before Christmas.

Contrary to what a lot of folks think, the last Saturday before Christmas is actually the busiest shopping day of the year, not the day after Thanksgiving. It’s desperation time for many who have not started their shopping; it’s the time to pick up those extra gifts for people who gave one to you that you weren’t expecting; it’s the time when many items are going on one final pre-Christmas sale; it’s that “I just need one more little thing” time.

Thankfully, the shopping in Valdosta is terrific nowadays with all of the retail choices we have to choose from, and for those who are that picky, they’ve probably already ordered from their favorite stores off the Internet anyway.

So why do I so often wait until the last minute? It’s not just that I have no time, which I don’t, but it’s that most of the time, I either can’t make up my mind and if I buy something too quickly for someone, I end up taking it back or exchanging it when newer merchandise arrives. Yes, when my daughter wanted those specific games, etc., that were going to sell out quickly, I’ve always gone and taken care of that ahead of time, but now that she’s older, the things she likes typically aren’t going to sell out and I have time to wait until the stores want to run those really big last-minute deals.

Another reason? Well, it’s fun. I enjoy the rush. I enjoy the adrenaline surge of knowing that the stores are closing and you have to make up your mind and go. It’s kind of like the genteel version of running with the bulls. Other shoppers are very nice but very focused and the store personnel are usually in a good mood, too, because the holidays are closer to being over.

So if you see me shopping this week or weekend, smile, wave, say hello, and join me in enjoying this most wondrous Christmas season.


Business Roundup

Shane’s Rib Shack has finally found its location. They are going into the former Moe’s across from Home Depot and Kohl’s.

I got the mattress store name incorrect last week, so sorry, but it’s Bed’R Mattress going into the old cell phone location next to the entrance of Lowndes High School.

It looks like the Lake Park YMCA is moving across the interstate into the strip center/outlet mall. They’re renovating a space and will be moving in a few weeks when it’s ready. The strip mall on the opposite side of I-75 is going to be torn down by a new camping business.

Up in Hahira last week for the festivities and noticed that Sew Blessed is opening a second location called Sew Blessed Quilt Shop and Design Station on Church Street. Sew Blessed already has a great business on Main Street, and thankfully, they’re expanding into the quilt business as well, which means they’ll have great fabric, etc.

And I have had a slew of reader questions this week, so no, the Kinderlou Forest restaurant isn’t closed, although they may be closing some for the holidays; I don’t know why Waffle House isn’t building yet on the property they purchased on Bemiss Road this year; the site being prepared near Winn Dixie is for a new doctor’s office; and yes, the construction on Patterson and Woodrow Wilson and North Oak Street is where the city is pushing through Woodrow Wilson over to connect to Gornto.

Also, a reader called this week to say the Rascals outside Lake Park is closed, again.

And I still haven’t heard about the vacant site being prepared close to Fred’s off Bemiss or which tire store is locating next to Chick-fil-A on Inner Perimeter, which isn’t moving very fast past the site prep stage.

Exciting still to see the framework going up for the new VSU Health Sciences and Business Admin building on Patterson and the continuing construction on the SGMC patient tower.

That’s it for this week, but if there’s something I missed, please let me know!

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