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February 12, 2012

Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner this week

VALDOSTA — A bit of a deviation from usual column fodder, but bear with me. On Thursday night, law enforcement officers from several agencies will be honored at a special dinner, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Valdosta.

The dinner not only allows for agencies to recognize their outstanding officers, it gives the community the opportunity to demonstrate their support for these men and women. The funds raised by the Rotary Club are placed in a fund that officers can access in emergency situations, which has happened several times since the inaugural event five years ago.

It’s wonderful to see business and community leaders come together in appreciation for these agencies, as officers are the ones who respond to their businesses, do checks to ensure that their businesses are secure, and are the ones who respond to all emergencies, whether it’s commercial or residential. Be thankful they’re there when you call.

Officers take a lot of heat in this community for what usually boils down to them just doing their jobs and enforcing the law. People seem to want laws enforced, just not on them, as they have a perfectly good reason for speeding/running a red light/texting/etc. But as upsetting as being stopped may be, the alternative is far more so.

Think about not having law enforcement patrolling neighborhoods, businesses, and the highways in the community. It’s not a pleasant thought. So if you are going to the dinner this week, make sure you personally thank an officer for what they do every day to keep the community safe, and if you aren’t going, take the time to thank officers  for protecting the public every day, even if that officer is writing you a ticket at the time. If it makes you slow down and obey the law, it’s worth it.

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