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August 18, 2013

The boot barrier and other tales


-- — 4. Cotton, the fabric of our lives.

Good, loose fitting cotton tees are all the rage right now. Don't believe me? Ask Vera Wang. I'm not telling you to go drop a ridiculous amount of money on one of her tees, but I am telling you to find a cheap one and get it because trust me; you're going to need it this fall. It's a classic piece that possesses a simple elegance. Somehow, a plain tee with jeans and riding boots just makes us feel dressed up and super Hollywood. The key with the tee is to get a versatile color like nude, grey, black or colors in shades of pastels, and to not have it skin tight. Sorry, young ladies, tight cotton T-shirts scream cheap ... Among other things. Wear it on the weekend or even wear it with some slacks to the office. It's one of my most favorite things about my fall wardrobe.

5. Boyfriend jeans.

While skinny jeans are great to wear with your boots, loose fitting boyfriend jeans are starting to make a come back. I'm sure this delights fathers everywhere who are tired of latex-like jeans on their teenage daughters. I love wearing my loose jeans rolled up a little with my flats and cotton tee. It's comfortable and if everyone in Hollywood is doing it (and me of course), it must be fabulous.

Well, budgeteers, there you have it. It may not be all fur and ostrich feathers like on the runways of Paris, but let’s be serious — we're real women and if you go around town looking like you just flew into a plane engine, I am going to point and laugh at you.

Amping up your fall wardrobe doesn't have to be expensive and doesn't have to be about buying the most “trendy” thing. Stick with classic pieces and you will never go out of style and will never bust your budget.

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