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September 30, 2012

Do the Monster Mash without draining your cash!

VALDOSTA — Young college students walking the streets in their underwear, children being encouraged to take candy from strangers and hobby stores filled with Christmas decorations in deep denial can only mean one thing ... Halloween!

My dear budgeteers, I couldn’t be more excited about this Sunday’s column. Halloween is just around the corner and aside from my birthday, it’s my most favorite holiday!

It’s the one day of the year where I can let my freak flag fly and consume about 5,000 calories worth of mini candy bars and completely rationalize it on the basis of it being the most magical time of the year.

Because I love Halloween so much, it is quite easy for me to drop hundreds of dollars on costumes for my dogs, light up skeletons for the porch and about a hundred bags of candy despite living in an apartment complex that has virtually no children.

However, this year, I have decided to celebrate Halloween, budgeteer style, which means DIY decorations, creative thrift store costumes and being the crazy lady that hands out home-made popcorn balls and pennies (not mixed together, of course, that would be hazardous).

So if you’re ready to join me in my spooky, saving festivus, then hop on the budgeteer DeLorean which only has one stop, Halloween Funky Town! So courtesy of yours truly, here are some ways to keep your Halloween on budget.

• Costumes

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not in college anymore, which means it is no longer appropriate to dress like a street walker on Halloween. Sure, you can reminisce over old pictures when you were a size two and dressed like a sexy kitten while you cry and stuff your face with Snicker’s bars (not that I do that or anything), but the fact is, you’re better than that.

Halloween costumes are expensive, and it is just silly to spend $80 on a costume that you will only wear once. The same goes for kids as well. Before you head to the costume store, check thrift stores and Goodwill. A lot of people donate Halloween costumes that their kids have outgrown.

It is my opinion that the best costumes for adults and for kids are home made. Get creative! Why dress like Batman when you can kick it old school and dress like Britney Spears and K-Fed on their white-trash, wedding night (yes, me and my husband actually did this our freshmen year in college)?

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