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October 6, 2013

Surviving the government shutdown...

is good practice for the zombie apocalypse

VALDOSTA — As the fearless leader of the budgeteer army, it is my duty to find silver linings in moments of complete misery. This week happens to be one of those moments, because as I’m sure you are aware, the government has shut down. If you are not aware, then trust me, the breakdown of American civilization is the least of your problems because I’m pretty sure you’re either illiterate or busy watching non-stop re-runs of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” ... In which case, this means that you won’t be reading this now. So if you are reading this, congratulations, life could be worse. See, what did I tell you? Silver lining.

Many of you reading this are being affected by the government’s hissy fit (let’s be honest, that’s really what it is). Some of you are aren’t working or being paid until further notice, and several military families will have their grocery bills doubled because they are unable to grocery shop on base. I am being mildly affected by the shutdown and as a result, I have to tighten the reins on my grocery budget. Evaluating the money you spend on food is my first piece of advice to those of you having to find some wiggle room in your budget. Aside from discontinuing those fast-food drive-throughs, here is a list of some cheap meals I will be eating for the next two weeks.

Spaghetti: 1 box of pasta, 1 can of marinara sauce, 1/2 a pack of ground beef.

I like eating a lot of pasta when I’m trying to save money because I can actually get two meals out of one pack of ground beef. When I get the beef home, I cut it in half and put the two halves in Ziploc bags, which then go in the freezer. After I cook the pack of beef, I drain the meat and pour the marinara sauce into the beef. You then spoon the sauce over the pasta. Two people can eat off this for two days, or it can feed four people for one dinner.

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