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October 21, 2012

Budget Diary: The great wall has nothing on my glorious wall of jewelry

VALDOSTA — I have tons of jewelry. This probably explains why I now have to write a weekly column that divulges my money woes. I divert attention to my student loan bills, but who am I kidding? My name is Brittany and I'm addicted to shiny things that make me feel like I don't eat grill cheeses every night. I would like to add that I eat them with my pinky out and on fancy Target plates that I got as a wedding present because God knows I can only afford to eat off dollar store napkins. But I digress . . .

While I have tons of jewelry, I have absolutely no place to put it. This past weekend, I decided to organize it and so I trotted my happy self to the store to buy things to organize it all with. I would just like to state for the record that it is outrageous how much a series of plastic trays and boxes cost!

I started looking at the prices and I thought to myself: This surely was made in America with all recycled materials thus, explaining the price.

Oh no! I flipped it over and it was made in China and was not all natural. Since I am a lady of Southern descent I will not expose your brand, but just know, that deep down inside, I know who you are and I will forever shun your products like the parents of the rebels on Breaking Amish. Yeah, that's permanent.

So, of course I trotted back home because the only thing worse than getting yelled out by the hubby for spending too much money on jewelry is spending to much money on boxes to put it in.

Being the creative spirit that I am, I decided to put on my thinking cap. After hours of deliberation — broken up with segments of Sex and the City and Seventh Heaven re-runs, yeah, that show is still on television, I know — I came up with the perfect $10 solution. Eureka!

In my closet, I had three plain Jane cork boards which I hadn't used since college. During the trial and error phase of operation "get my husband off my back for having the night stands filled with large necklaces", I found that all my jewelry hangs perfectly on push pins.

I wanted to make the boards jump up a few classes, so I purchased two cans of black spray paint. Thirty minutes and one black sidewalk later, I had the fixings for a jewelry wall!

I chose a blank wall in my bedroom by the dresser to collage the boards. If you look on my Facebook, you will see a picture of a glorious wall of organized jewelry that cost me practically nothing.

The only thing better than organizing my jewelry is having it hung so strategically that it's the first thing my husband sees when he wakes up in the morning. Point, match — me!

I had such great luck with my jewelry that I decided to do the same with my purses. My purses were taking up my husband’s side of the closet and I figured since he was such a good sport about being forced to look at all the money I spent in the form of cheap plastic and fake stones, that I should probably let him hang his shirts.

As my purses would not fit on push pins — I have issues with depth perception, don’t judge me — I bought some wall hooks for $4 a pack (which come with three hooks each) at Walmart.

I placed the hooks up a thick, empty wall in between two windows and now all my beautiful purses are like art!

The jewelry and purse organization ended up serving a dual function. Not only did I open up more drawer and closet space for storage, but I decorated my bedroom without even knowing it.

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