Valdosta Daily Times

October 28, 2012

Have a safe and healthy Halloween

Kay Harris
The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Halloween falls on Wednesday this year, and whether you partake in this particular holiday or not, it is still a fun time for children and the young at heart, and it’s also important to beware of little ones while driving.

Many homes in the area are totally decked out for the holiday and have some scary surprises ready for trick or treaters. As much fun as it is to see adorable costumes on your neighborhood children, remember that many costumes restrict movement and eyesight, so parents should always go along. If they’re old enough to go by themselves, they’re too old to be trick or treating.

Make sure you give out wrapped candy, and make sure your children only accept wrapped candy. It’s not a bad idea to inspect it, nor is it a bad idea to stick to taking your kids to houses of relatives, friends, and close neighbors.

Going door to door in an unfamiliar area is not advisable.

The holiday itself is full of whimsy, giving those who participate the opportunity to dress up and be someone else for a day. Favorite cartoon characters, super heroes, historical figures, and even political figures are popular this time of year.

Enjoy the festivities safely, and remember to take your flash lights, walk on the side of the road or sidewalks, go in groups, and watch out for drivers as it’s easier for you to see them than it is for them to see you!

Belk Charity Sale

Don’t forget that next Saturday, Nov. 3, from 6 to 10 a.m., Belk at Valdosta Mall is doing its annual fall Charity Sale. A number of organizations are selling $5 tickets to the event, which gets you in the door. The organizations get to keep the entire $5, and you get your $5 back on your first purchase, along with numerous other discounts. And you can pick out your items ahead of time this week, and the store will hold them for you until Saturday. It’s a great way to help charities while getting a head start on your Christmas shopping.

Business Roundup

A new fitness place is moving into the North Oak Square shopping area off Inner Perimeter. It’s called Kinetix Health Club and it’s next to the Nail Expressions.

Just down from there, next to Chick-fil-A, I asked last week if anyone knew what was going in where the lot is being cleared, and I received numerous responses saying it’s going to be a tire store.

Alas, still no word on what the site is being prepped for at the corner of Oak Street near the Winn Dixie plaza. Rumor is another dollar store, but would love to hear from someone who knows for sure.

In the Winn Dixie Plaza, by the way, the new greatly expanded and updated Bealls Outlet there is holding a grand opening celebration on Nov. 16. The new store includes new departments, such as a family footwear area, as well as expanded clothing and other areas.

In the mall area, in the Baytree Center, work is continuing on the former Moe’s restaurant location. A reader told me this week that they think a barbecue place is moving in there but there’s still no signs up to know for sure.

Speaking of signs, the ones that used to say Loco’s are now all down. The one on the building and the one on Gornto have both been removed, and workers were still hard at it all last week. The building is not a deep red color and again, I hear it’s going to be called Bad Habitz Saloon, but no confirmation yet.

Near there, the hotel behind Burger King near TJ Maxx has been redone and is now the Azalea Inn.

On Baytree Road, in Remerton, the Natural Health store has a new neighbor called Gone Gorgeous Boutique. Looks cute from the outside, so I’d recommend checking it out.

That’s it for this week, but if there’s something I missed, please let me know!