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March 10, 2013

Spring sass for little cash

Brittany D. McClure
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I just went on a fake shopping spree for work on Tuesday to gather clothes and props for a spring fashion spread that will appear in April’s edition of the Valdosta Scene magazine. As I was walking around, picking up tons of cute and current fashion, I began to panic. How in the world am I supposed to get all the latest trends in my closet when I have no money?

Obviously, looking a season behind is not an option because let’s face it, I’m the most undomesticated woman ever, so looking pretty and my college degree are all I got going for me at this point.

For inspiration out of this world, I turned to Vogue ... and for a more “down to Earth” dose of inspiration I turned to Pinterest (surprise, surprise). So, my savvy budgeteers and recessionistas, here is my list of how to go from drab to fab on a zero tab, the Spring Edition!

Belt it up baby!

If you got a dress that you love but is a drab winter color, pop on a pastel color belt and some chunky spring color accessories. It is for this reason why I love, love, love Forever 21 (and, of course, you can shop online, duh). I buy almost all my belts from there for just $4.99 and you won’t find a necklace more expensive than $14. Accessorizing is always the perfect way to bring multiple outfits up to date with just a few pieces.

Not your mama’s white button-down.

Everyone has a good old Oxford white button-down somewhere in their closet that you’re probably just not doing justice to. Go buy yourself some cute, fun and brightly colored skirts and tuck that button-down right into them. The white button-down shirt is like Audrey Hepburn, it never goes out of style and never looks bad with anything.

Crisp in khakis.

I know what some of you are thinking: But khakis never went out of style? Well, sorry, for a bit they did. But guess what? They came back last winter and they are here to stay. Khakis and a neon-colored blouse tucked in with some stilettos say, ‘Hello, gorgeous!’. Don’t be scared to play with your khakis. If they are boot cut, roll them a few times to make a cute boyfriend pant. If they are wide-legged, roll them to make a singular cuff that screams sophistication (a little secret: iron them down to make them stay all day).

Cardigan candy.

Cardigans are like a piece of candy — they are always sweet and when it comes to spring, they can take you from winter functional to fabulous. If you have a cute sun dress that’s strapless or has spaghetti straps that you can’t wear to work, throw on a bright colored cardigan. Opposites attract so blue dress, green sweater, pink dress, yellow sweater. You can really make anything work. For a slim waist, do a belt (wide or skinny) around the outside of the sweater.

Jam up those jeans!

Do you have some jeans that are too long, too short and too ugly to wear? Of course, you do; everyone does. Cut those suckers off about an inch to two inches below your knee and roll them into a cuff right above your knee. Believe me, you will look so Tory Burch.

Wedge ya’ catch me later?

OK, get over it already, if you don’t have wedges, buckle down and buy some. They are only essential like every spring since the ’60s. If you can’t afford to buy every color like me, get a nice nude (white gets dirty way too quickly), a good black and you are ready to rock wedges with every outfit.

Take that tank top from trash to pss-sash!

You know that tank top you wear under your blouses and button-ups, well those are undies girl, so dig ’em out and wear them proud. Tuck them into your new shorts you just made, a loose skinny jean rolled up to make a crop, or even those cute party skirts I just told you buy and you are ready to take any office outfit to a night out on the town. I love pairing a plain tank top with huge jewelry.

However, there is a rule: Always, always, always wear a strapless bra. Bra straps showing just scream, “my name is Snooki and I’m trouble.”

So my dear, dear budgeteers, that’s how you can turn no money into look out honey with little cash and little time.

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