Valdosta Daily Times

July 14, 2013

Summer is half over already

Kay Harris
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — With the continuous, steady rain falling on the area for the last couple of weeks, with no end in sight, it’s making for a rather pitiful summer for those who relish their outdoor activities.

Although it may be a few more days of showers here and there, there should be some sunshine breaking through in another week or so, and then it will be so hot we’ll wish we had some rain to cool us down.

Valdostans though, are among the most nomadic folks I’ve ever lived around and there’s hardly a place you can go on the Gulf or Atlantic coasts in Florida without running into a substantial number of people you know. From last week alone, I had at least four different people comment that where they went (all different Florida hotspots), they felt like half of Valdosta was there.

So two things came to mind. One is that if you are going to go somewhere for a few days, try something different and off the beaten path or you might as well stay home, unless you only want a change of scenery in nature and not in people. Two is that unless you just really want to leave town, there are a number of fun things to do right here in Valdosta.

Somehow I’ve always managed to find places that apparently no one else from here either knows about or wants to go to, as I rarely if ever see someone I know. I’m either doing something terribly right or terribly wrong, but it makes for a nice, quiet time away.

In any case, the point again is that the summer is half over already. Kids return to school in less than a month, and despite the rain, everyone should be trying to find something fun to do in the next couple of weeks, either here or elsewhere, or before you know it, the summer will be gone and so will the opportunity to enjoy some quality family time.


Business Roundup

Good news for the St. Augustine area. It looks like the Coyoacan restaurant in Quitman, Tifton, etc., has decided to also open a restaurant here in Valdosta. The Mexican restaurant will be located where the Green Iguana was in the small strip center on St. Augustine. Should be opening in the next couple of months.

Also good news for fashionistas, a word that doesn’t get used much around the newsroom anymore since our budget diary author Brittany moved to Savannah, but the Buckle is now open in the Valdosta Mall. It’s a cool, trendy, fun place to shop and it’s always good to see national retailers come to our area.

And sorry, but there is no deal yet for a restaurant to relocate to the former Shoney’s building. I guess some excited folks decided to jump the gun and make an announcement before it was official.

The Sam’s expansion is really impressive and will basically about double the space they’ve already got on Norman Drive.

There is a lot being cleared on Inner Perimeter and Forrest, and I’m passing on a request to find out what it’s going to be, so if anyone knows, please share.

I drove by Remerton Square this week to check on the progress of The Mill Pizza Buffet and Games, and despite the rain, folks were hard at work in the interior, getting things ready for an August opening.

The newest charitable thrift store opened last week in the strip center in Five Points near Carter and Sons produce. The profits benefit the Langdale Hospice House.

That’s about it for this week, but if there’s something I missed, please let me know!