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July 28, 2013

Kate Spade-ish bedroom for under $200!

SAVANNAH — This week, you will be really sorry that you do not like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter because I have posted a photo album of my Kate Spade-inspired bedroom. Why should you care about my bedroom? Well, because I completely re-did the entire room for under $200, and here is the breakdown of how I did it.

I chose designer Kate Spade as my inspiration because aside from her being completely fabulous, her design methods (both personally and professionally) are incredibly eclectic and trust me, us po’ folk love eclectic because it’s a fancy way of saying I don’t have money to match things.

However, I have always maintained that being too matchy-matchy just screams, “I replicated the furniture store show room.” After all, if you look at the homes of fabulous celebrities, many of them don’t have drapes that match their couch pillows. That sort of styling is very 1980s and today’s décor is all about personalization. Fortunately for us budgeteers, it’s also cheaper to decorate in that manner.

Let’s start with the focal point of any bedroom: the bed. Buying a comforter set is one of the most expensive parts of re-doing a bedroom. A good bedding set can cost upwards of $200. To save money, I kept the white sheets I already had (just gave them some lovin’ with bleach) and instead of buying an entire bed and a bag, I just bought a comforter that came with two pillow shams. This cost me only $59. I chose a white comforter because it’s the easiest to match other colors with and doesn’t look too overwhelming when you pull multiple colors into a room.

I recycled three striped pillows from my old bedding set and then bought three very different pillows: A white with Kelly green polka dots pillow, a coral pillow, and a white and navy blue striped pillow, all for a total cost of $40. It was from these three pillows that I found my room’s “core” color scheme. Kelly green, coral and navy blue. I pulled the bed together with an emerald green throw I already had at the end of the bed.

Another expensive part of a bedroom is lamps for the nightstands. This is part of why I opted out of having matching nightstands. Quite frankly, I thought $80 for two lamps was a little ridiculous. So, I did his-and-her nightstands. My nightstand doubles as a vanity. I placed my long, body mirror on top of my nightstand. This was more functional for me because it gave me a place to do my makeup in the morning and made the mirror more accessible for viewing my entire outfit.

To decorate my nightstand I added two candle pillars that I already had, placed my makeup brushes in a tumbler (while tucking my makeup away in the drawers), used an old lace doily from my mom to adorn the corner and splurged $10 for a vase of fake flowers. I also added an old vanity chair in front of my nightstand. It’s old, but with some $6 fabric love, it looks totally designer chic!

For my husband’s nightstand, I decorated far more masculine. I bought an antique-style desk lamp for $30 and used items I already had to surround it like a plate, a candle, and a framed save-the-date. To balance out the heaviness of the tall mirror on my nightstand, I hung an old wall clock above his nightstand and underneath that, I framed three note cards that came in a pack that I bought out of the dollar bin at Michael’s. I love keeping neat cards and framing them. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving, that’s why I never feel bad about putting money inside if the card is cute enough (at least that’s what I tell myself).

For the big dresser in the room, I functionalized it by making a corner of it my jewelry bar. I used two cake stands to hold my earrings and bracelets, a goblet-like thing I had in the kitchen for my rings, a punch bowl-like thing for some large necklaces and then I bought a three-tier glass container for $12 to hold other necklaces. Actual “jewelry organization” can be really expensive, so I like to repurpose pieces to meet my needs.

Our second dresser (which my husband solely uses) cost me no money to decorate. I just gathered an eclectic bunch of frames I had in a box and put pictures of him and his family and friends inside. I added a milk, white vase with dried flowers and some candles. I also scattered in some personal pieces such as a Christian Dior tie clip from his late grandfather and a police patch.

At the end of my bed, we added a wicker chest that I have had for years. We store our sweatshirts inside. To jazz it up, I placed this fur rug that I had and used it as a “tablecloth” of sorts. I then used free catalogs from Anthropologie and Pottery Barn to help tie in the entire feel of the room. To get some yourself, just go to your favorite luxury websites and request them for free!

When it came to curtains, I thought for sure I couldn’t fandangle out of spending $100, but like the thrifty budgeteer I am, I only managed to spend $40 ($20 per piece). I did this by getting plain, white curtains with no design. While they may not look like anything special on the shelf of a store, they actually look incredibly chic and will be easier to match in the future if I ever decide to redecorate with different colors.

The last piece I used to tie my room together was an old pantry cabinet that I talked about months and months ago. Remember the column about my spray-paint project? Well, this is that cabinet. I have upgraded it from “makeshift mudroom” to my glorious purse cabinet. The Kelly green color really pulls from the Kelly green polka dot pillow on my bed. Originally, the total makeover cost of this cabinet was only $6 — $3 for the spray-paint and $3 for the new knob (not counted in the cost because I did this forever ago and was not a new expense).

The total cost of my bedroom makeover was only $197! I must say, I am pretty darn proud of myself, but trust me, you have to see it to believe it. So be sure to like me on Facebook at to check out the photo album yourself. Also, follow me on Twitter @BudgetBrittany.

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