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April 27, 2014

Brittany's Budget Diary

It costs more to be a woman

-- — Hey ladies! I’m sure it’s not any surprise to you, but once again, women are getting the short end of the stick. While doing research for one of my fancy graduate school classes, I came across an article that discussed gender bias in product marketing. I don’t know what it is about grad school, but it brings out the feminist in me. I haven’t stopped shaving my armpits or anything, that’s gross, but I am pretty enraged at “the man” for bringing down budget.

After a recent trip to the grocery store, everything this article was talking about was reaffirmed. As women, we pay way more for certain products than men. So, I am calling for viva la revolución! Here is a list of things that women are paying more for, and totally don’t have to. Buck the system, and use men’s stuff.

Soaps and Shampoos

Soaps and shampoos are made with very similar, often identical ingredients. The only difference is some bottles and packaging is marketed towards men, while others are marketed towards women.

Companies also like to change the scent and color of the product to be gender specific. Jokes on them, because I love smelling like pine needles.



The only difference between men and women’s deodorant is the scent.

It’s true; according to an article in Forbes, researchers from the University of Central Florida

did an entire study and found that there is nothing that makes women’s deodorant more expensive to produce.

Shaving Cream

I haven’t bought shaving cream in years because I think it’s ridiculous to pay $5 for something that soap can do. However, if you must have shaving cream, men’s shaving cream is cheaper and made of the exact same stuff. An article from noted that most men’s shaving creams also contain more shaving cream while at the same time costing less.



Yes, there are men that moisturize their face and body and there are even entire product lines devoted just to them. While the packaging may look more masculine, the men are actually using the same product as women. Ha! So ladies, buy men’s lotion and moisturizer. It may smell different, but no one but you will notice.


Skin Care

Face wash, creams, and even eye revitalizers (yes, men’s eyes need revitalizing, too) that are marketed towards women cost more than the exact same product marketed towards men. I will note that when it comes to face wash, while the ingredients are often the same, the texture is different. Men’s facewash seems to be grittier while women’s facewash seems to be creamier.

 That’s all I have for you this week, my dear budgeteers. Don’t forget to like me on Facebook at and follow me on Twitter @BDenneyMcClure.

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