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June 16, 2013

Celebrate Father’s Day today with your loved ones

VALDOSTA — Today is Father’s Day, a perfect time to tell the man who raised you how much you care for him.

When you are a child, your father is the world to you. He is the big, strong protector who provides for the family and teaches you the things you need to learn to be a productive adult. As you age, your relationship changes and you start realizing that your father isn’t always right, and may be somewhat forgetful, and he may tell the same stories and jokes over and over again, but he was always there for you, so you should always be there for him.

For those whose birth fathers didn’t raise you, a father might have been another male relative or friend who set examples, helped teach you right from wrong, and who had a strong influence over your life.

Just like the 10 Things I Learned in Kindergarten, a popular list compiled by an author a few years ago, sometimes the simplest lessons you are taught and learned as a child are the ones you need throughout your life.

Respect others, don’t take things that don’t belong to you, clean up after yourself, take responsibility for your mistakes, be kind and thoughtful, open doors for others, say please and thank you, etc. These are all habits we should practice no matter how young or old we are.

If your father or father figure is still around, take the time today to let them know just how special they are to you and how much you appreciate all of the advice and help you’ve been given throughout your life. Even if it means having to sit through the same stories over and over, one of these days, he won’t be there and you’ll remember back to these times with love and longing.

And for those whose fathers are no longer with us, take some time today to remember them, reminisce with family members, and do something you know that he would have enjoyed.

Happy Father’s Day!

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