Valdosta Daily Times

February 9, 2014

Beautiful love story in Valdosta Scene

Kay Harris
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — February is the month of the Father-Daughter Dance, a prelude to Valentine’s Day weekend, which we all know is the traditional time to celebrate love.

In February’s Valdosta Scene magazine, also available online, you will find a beautiful love story — one that was tested soon after the interview occurred.

Lawrence and Sementha Mathews celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary aboard a cruise ship with their children in December. They renewed their vows and their commitment to one another. In late January, a fluke accident caused Larry to suffer a serious injury, but their family and devotion helped bring them through this trying time in ways that others can only marvel at.

I hope that reading their love story in the Scene helps bring a smile to their faces as the recovery process continues.

And the magazine would not be complete without numerous articles, fashion tips, interesting stories and photos that readers will enjoy. Read it online or pick up a copy at Books-a-Million and The Times’ office.

Happy early Valentine’s Day!

Business Roundup

The Mill pizza buffet in Remerton should hopefully be opening by next weekend. It’s in the Remerton Square shopping plaza on Baytree.

In Lake Park, a new clinic opened in the Chancy Drugs and the Bloom Café and Boutique just opened this week as well.

It looks like the bank made nationally famous by the family heist a couple of years ago is changing names again.

It is no longer Certus and will be a First Federal instead.

I received a note this week that Wilkinson’s fabrics is moving from their location in the outlet mall in Lake Park but unfortunately, no information about where they are moving to.

White Weddings is having its new location built on Connell Road for a future move from the Summit Pointe shopping center on Inner Perimeter.

The new/old location for the Repeat Boutique has a grand opening this Friday. They had originally moved from this location on North Oak to their large new store on Norman Drive and decided to reopen the former location as well.

As far as I can find, the rumors about Hobby Lobby closing due to Obamacare are unfounded. I’ve had several inquiries lately, but it looks like Internet speculation, not fact.

That’s it for this week, but if there’s something I missed, please let me know!