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June 2, 2013

How to rip off summer vacation!


VALDOSTA — 3. Amusement Parks

First off, don't get suckered into a ticket's gate price. Plan ahead and purchase them online because not only will you get into the park quicker, you will also usually save money on admission.

For example, on Universal Studios’ website you can buy a 2 day/2 park pass for nearly $30 under the gate price. Sea World's website even has an online exclusive called "Be a Kid Again," which allows shoppers to purchase adult tickets at the kid price.

You can also save on admission at grocery stores, food chains and soda manufacturers.

Quite often during the summer these places offer theme park admission deals only for your business in exchange!

Aside from saving money on tickets, there are obvious money savers like packing your own lunch, snacks and drinks (I've said this a lot, so it must be important).

4. One-Day Adventures

When you work all the time and all you have is your weekends, long travel can make you need a vacation. If you're looking for a fun and exciting adventure for half the price, check out Groupon in the App Store or online at They offer deals on zip lining, kayaking and more all in or around your designated area.

Well my dear budgeteers, I hope my advice finds you well and you have a wonderful summer! If you don't get to vacation and this article makes you bitter, chin up. Maybe next week I'll teach you how to use hairspray to remove ink stains from clothing, and that's pretty exciting.

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