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April 14, 2013

Home is where the majority of your income is going

VALDOSTA — I come to you this week as a changed woman. I am no longer poor and unemployed! In just two weeks, I managed to lock down a job which has my parents celebrating far more than I considering me, my husband and our three animals have completely taken over their home. Come Monday, I will be the Social Media Coordinator and Writer for Armstrong Atlantic State University. Woo hoo!

As I start this new journey as a salaried adult with an office (I know, I have to keep pinching myself), it’s time that I make the rest of my life fall in line. I feel all my budgeteer budgeting has been preparing me for the moment where I can finally buy my own home and thankfully, that moment has finally arrived.

Two years ago, me and the hubs sat down with a mortgage broker and honestly, it was pitiful. We could “afford” a home by the skin of our teeth and unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared to be on an all Ramen Noodle diet to do so. We sat down and went through the advice from our broker and had to make some big changes. We budgeted, we saved, I stopped shopping, I cried, but now, it looks like it’s all paying off.

Buying your first home or a home period is overwhelming. It’s important to solicit the advice of an expert and do your research and trust me, I’m up to my eyeballs in research. You would think I used to be a journalist in another life or something. Anyway, I have learned a lot and of course all I want to do is share my wealth of knowledge with a few hundred of my closest budgeteers (I’m being generous; the number is probably around like 88).

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