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May 12, 2013

My mom may be off her rocker, but man can she save money!


VALDOSTA — 4. Be one with your bill chart.

My mom is all for bill charts and organization. It’s the way she pays bills and it’s the way I pay bills now, too. My mom is all about getting your priorities straight, and how can you get them straight if you don’t know what they are? Simple and easy.

5. Do your homework ... and not just the school assignments.

When my mom buys something, she is confident that she won’t feel remorse for her purchase because she has thoroughly researched it. She checks online reviews, asks friends and compares prices. Nothing makes my mom madder than when she buys something and goes to another store and sees it for $5 cheaper. For God’s sake, that’s a pack of toilet paper! So she has taught me to always know what I’m buying and to be able to accept the information and move on when I see it’s not a good purchase. She doesn’t just do this for major purchases such as a car either; I mean, she’ll research a box of Special K if she thinks it might help her drop a pound.

Well, budgeteers, I could give you more nuggets of knowledge, but I bet this is all you can handle. Don’t forget to like me on Facebook at and follow me on Twitter @BudgetBrittany (It’s still the same account as @VDT_Brittany, just with a different name).

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