Valdosta Daily Times

March 16, 2014

Bracing for allergy season, bad drugstore services

Kay Harris
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — It might be funny if it happened to someone else, but this particular day, I was simply not amused.

I do my best every single week, as I have for more than 12 years now, to promote business in our community. Everything from new construction and new business to expansion and relocation of older businesses. Helping support the economic elements of our community is gratifying. And I do my best to not denigrate specific businesses, even when they deserve it, and never by name. So I will hold to that today, no names mentioned, but the experience has to be shared.

I went to a chain drug store in town, with whom I was, but am no longer, a regular customer for more than a decade, to purchase sinus medication for an employee. It’s allergy season in South Georgia, and running out of allergy meds is a big deal this time of year. I was trying to be helpful, and after all, it wasn’t a prescription, so no problem, right? Wrong.

For a long list of excuses, I did not qualify to purchase the non-prescription, over-the-counter, FDA-approved for public sale allergy medication. I am now a former customer of said chain. I went to a different store, and was able to purchase the medication with far fewer questions and no issues other than a very long line and a lot of wasted time for no reason.

The thought occurred to me that had I wanted to purchase a handgun, shotgun, etc., it would have been a far easier process. At least for now. And the thought also occurred to me that if our elected officials are so concerned about the illegal uses of allergy medication that they make it impossible for honest, law-abiding citizens to buy it, what’s next?

I don’t know about everyone, but I’m getting rather tired in my old age of laws and regulations being imposed to combat a small number of people who are acting illegally, making the vast majority of us who don’t do illegal things be treated like criminals.

And I’m frustrated at businesses with terrible customer service, one-size-fits-all policies, and no management on site. It’s no wonder that many retailers are experiencing economic issues these days.

Enough soap box for this week, sorry for the rant, but I’ve since learned of two others with a similar experience this week and wanted to warn readers that if you have allergies, just go to the doctor and get a prescription. It will be a little more expensive up front, but in terms of time and aggravation, it’ll be worth it.

Business Roundup

Sorry for the mix up this week, but the location on Bemiss Road isn’t a Flash Foods, it’s going to be a bread store. The Flash Foods is being built on the property where the Holiday motel is being torn down on North Ashley Street.

The new Gondoliers Italian restaurant on Norman Drive is nearly finished and has set an opening date in early April.

Echols Solar is building a facility on 500 acres in Echols County, which is pretty exciting. It will create several dozen jobs.

I should hopefully be able to announce the big new business coming downtown next week or so. It will be a welcome addition, a non-retail business, and employ more than 40.

The Sutherland Yoga studio moved recently to a new location on Northwind Boulevard from Bemiss Road.

The new greatly expanded Sam’s Club will hold a big grand opening on Friday, April 3.

There is a new upper cervical chiropractor in town, Dr. Clinton Sheffield. He has opened his new office in the North Ashley Professional Center.

Work continues on the new Subway on Inner Perimeter by the North Oak Square center. Also, commercial Realtor Jamie Harris has opened his new realty company in the same center.

Georgia Automotive recently opened on Lankford Drive next to Blazin Car Wash.

Daylight Donuts is renovating its new location on Baytree Road, but not sure of an opening date yet.

Baytree Pizza should be making its move to Valdosta Mall, to the former Ruby Tuesday’s location, over the next several weeks.

There will be a new Sephora located inside JC Penney in the mall which will open soon as well, in addition to the new Ulta store there.

Andrew Denmark has opened a new Farmer’s Insurance location on Inner Perimeter Road. Also, two new State Farm agents have opened in town recently as well. Both are in today’s business briefs in this section.

That’s it for this week, but if there’s something I missed, please let me know!